Wednesday, March 25, 2020


March 25, 2020 - Hello, my friends.  I do hope everyone is staying in place and keeping safe.  As we try to keep busy and not go stir crazy, I thought an update on our BIG project (as one of my donors likes to call it) might be good.  I love this name!  Thanks Lenore.  I will post a chart here of how our red, white and blue cards are adding up.  Since so many of you are using this time to work on them, let's see how close we can come to the 8,000 goal - just for fun.  So far, I have 325 RWB cards ready to go.  They haven't been mailed yet, but they are finished and boxed up.  Here is my chart - suggested to me by my daughter as a fun way to keep occupied.  I know this should have been colored in red, but I more of a purple kinda gal.

I also thought I would show some of the cards as they come in.  This page will change every time I have something new to report.  Here are a few of the cards I have made - if you do not want me highlighting your cards on this site, just let me know as you send them in.

Updated 4.6.20

Cards made by Ruby H.

Here are cards made by Lenora S:

These are from Barbara R.


Betty R. sent these in:

 And from Grace H.

Creations from Claudia S.

And more fabulous cards, this time from Rhonda P.

 From Regina T.

Cindee N.

I will post more pictures of cards as I get them.  Stay tuned.....
Sequins are not a crafter's friend.  I do not care what you glue them down with, the odds of them staying adhered to your card are very slim.  I can always tell when sequins have been used when I open a box because they come falling out as I lift the cards out.  I used to try to glue each one back on, but honestly, I don't have the time to do that any more.  Loose sequins now go straight into the trash.  So, be warned - use sequins at your own risk!  

Thank you for stopping by today.  Keep checking this page as I hope to be better at keeping it updated as I now have SO much free time on my hands! LOL
Thanks for stopping by today.
Air hugs, Jill

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Happy 2020!

Happy New Year everyone!   Let's hope this year is good to all of us - we deserve it!  It has been a long time since I highlighted another card maker on my blog, but I got a box of cards today that just tickled me.  Every card is so perfectly made and so kid-friendly.  Not to say that the rest of the cards I receive are not, but I just "ohh"ed and "ahh"ed over the detail work Candi G. put into each and every card.  Enjoy.

I know she has a machine that cuts out the pieces for her, but then she painstakingly glues in all those itty bitty pieces.  I could not do that - just do not have the patience.  (Those of you who know me are going "Amen to that!" about now.)  I asked her not to put sayings on her cards so that they can be used for multiple purposes.  Aren't these awesome?  Thank you, Candi!
And thank you for all of the love and support I get from all my card making friends.  Because of you and your generosity of time and talent, we sent out over 19,000 cards in 2019.  You brought so much joy and hope to so many kids as well as adults  Thank you all.  And pat yourselves on the back for a job incredibly well done!
Hugs and love to all.

Friday, December 6, 2019

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - in other people's homes anyway

Morning.  For some reason I can not seem to get into the Christmas spirit yet.  I haven't put up any holiday decorations and if I look closely, I may find that I  have a pumpkin or two still out.  If any decorating elves want to make their way to my house, feel free to come on over!

I am going to write about a group that I have mentioned in the past.  It is Brighter Birthdays, a group in Rome, GA whose mission is to celebrate birthdays for school kids. They do incredible work but need help making cards as well as zip bag toppers.  Each birthday child gets a backpack filled with goodies.  Inside the backpack, one of the "happies" is a zip lock bag filled with the smaller items, candy, balloons, lip balm - whatever they are putting in the backpack that month.  They like to put a colorful kid-friendly topper on the bag to make it festive.  Something like this...

 I find these so easy and theraputic to make.  They use up a lot of my extras and scraps.  If you would like to participate in helping this awesome group celebrate kids' special days and bring joy to many hearts, here are instructions on how I make them.  The basic info regarding size is below, but use your imagination to decorate them.

Begin with a 11 x 8.5 piece of cardstock - I use the 65 lb. from either a craft store or an office supply company.  They do not have to be the heavy duty cardstock that we use for card bases.  Cut 1/2" off the bottom:

Cut the 10.5" x 8" piece in half length wise:

Fold each 10.5" x 4.25" piece length wise: (I use my score pad to do this step)

And now you have a zip bag topper ready to decorate.  Sometimes I use washi tape, or stamps, or stickers, or whatever - just be sure they are gender neutral, cheerful, colorful and kid friendly.  You only decorate one side and I recently learned they use double sided tape to adhere them to the bags (which they provide).  Multiples of each design are perfectly OK.  They use so many throughout their district that multiples do not cause any problems.

I would love to see what you come up with.  Please send me pictures of your toppers and I will do a follow-up blog showing off your creations.  Send them to
If you would like to make these toppers, please mail them to:
                                                               Brighter Birthdays
                                                            3 Central Plaza  # 383
                                                                Rome, GA   30161

Tip of the day:  If you need images for these toppers, go to Google Free Clip Art and there are lots of images you can use.  I copy them onto photo paper which gives them a nice shine.  Then I either use my cool cutting out machine, or I fussy cut them by hand.  You can just cut the images into circle shape - or whatever.  I hope you try these and have fun doing them.  I find them so addictive and a pleasant diversion from cards.
                                                          Thank you for stopping by.
                                                                        Hugs - Jill

Saturday, November 16, 2019

It's Finally Winter!

I can't believe a week ago it was in the 70s and today it is a wonderful 34*.  Texas weather changes on an hourly basis, but this cold has been around for a few days.  I'm loving it.

Now that all the winter, holiday and Christmas cards are mailed out, I am trying to stock up on Thank You cards.  For some reason, these cards are in high demand and I am having a hard time keeping up with all the requests.  I have been working on restocking my supply and thought I would show you a few of the end results.  They are the fast-put-together kind, but when I need 200-275 a month, that is sometimes what is needed to fill all those boxes!  I really appreciate all the help I have been getting since I put out my SOS.  Thank you so much!  Here is what I have been working on:

Thanks for stopping by to take a look.  Sorry I don't have a tip for today, other than stay warm and stay healthy!
Hugs, Jill

Sunday, July 21, 2019

General Cards with no Sentiments

Good morning, on this bright but HOT day!  I have put out a request for general cards for all ages without sentiments.  I have been getting some wonderful cards, but some of you have said you find this type of card hard to make.  Please don't fret - any card with a fun image is fine, just don't add whatever saying you were going to.  Here are some examples:

Now with these, if the saying were left off, they would work great:

But please don't think I can only use blank cards - I still need the other themes as well.  I just thought I would show you how easy it is to turn any card into a "blank" card.  And of course - no sayings on the inside of any of them.

I know we all own tons of stamps and dies, but when you need something in the middle of the night and don't have to opportunity to run to the store, or don't want to invest any more money right now, go to Google Free Clip Art.  There are so many free images you can use, both black and white and in color.  Just be careful not to use any that have a logo on them.  I usually print off the image, cut it out with my nifty machine and then add Glossy Accents to make it shine.  Sometimes the image prints with a dull finish and this little extra step adds dimension to the image. 

Hope you enjoyed today's post.  Have a great day and stay hydrated!
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jill