Saturday, September 15, 2018

Christmas Challenge Results

Thank all of you who participated in my very informal "Christmas Challenge".  The folder we used to create our designs had very limited possibilities and I am amazed at the creativity used by these card makers.  Check them out:

Barb cut her layer into pieces and made banners out of them.  Original thought...

 Betty overlaid the embossed design with gems and ornaments, embellishing some of the embossed lines with gold paint.  Love the idea....

Jan fussy cut ornaments and raised them.  Gives a depth to the card.....

Kelly used large ornaments to bring the focus to the center of the card where the shiny color is.  Love me some bling.....

Lori also used cut out ornaments - the lacy type - to bring interest to the background.  She "hung" the ornaments with ribbon....

 Ruby used layers and banners to break up the background and bring interest to the card.  I like the pastel colors - they go so well with the peaceful sayings....

 I like the way Roberta used multilayer ornaments to "copy" the intricate embossed ornaments.  And the hooks add a really neat touch to the design....

And my two:

On this one, I moved the folder over after embossing the first time, to fully emboss the entire  layer...…
 Well, that was loads of fun.  I love seeing how others use the same supplies, applying their own personal touches and ideas.  Thank you again for playing along.  

Check out the garland the snowman is holding.,  I used the plumber's washer rubber to cut out little bitty stamps to stamp the hearts, trees and stars.  I know - overkill, but I had fun.  I did use a very sharp xacto knife instead of scissors since the pieces were so very small.

And now, the real TIP OF THE DAY:
Let's talk paper.  I have talked about the different weights of papers before, but what I might not have mentioned was that all brands of paper are not equal.  I keep suggesting that the best paper weight to use for the card base is 110 lb. paper.  I use the 110 lb. from Michael's as it is sturdy and comes in a rainbow of colors.  Yes, it is expensive at $14.99 a package, but I always use a coupon and spend only $7.50 per package.  Now, I did buy some 110 lb Georgia-Pacific paper from my local big store only to discover that it may say 110 lb. but it is thin and too flexible.  It is more like 65 lb. paper.  65 lb. paper is great for layering, but as a card base, doesn't hold up very well.  I have been told by several of the charities that the kids who receive our cards treasure them and hold on to them for a very long time.  They often carry them around in their robes or pockets or backpacks.  Therefore, the sturdier the card base, the longer they last.  Here is the three types of papers I use for my cards -
Card Base - 110 lb. from Michael's
Layers - 65 lb., also from Michael's but found many places
Inside linings - 28 lb. copy paper which I buy at Office Depot.  I find regular copy paper at 20 lbs. is a bit thin.  It does work but the thicker 28 lb. gives a more professional look.
All of the above is just what I use - suggestions if you want to follow them.  NOT requirements!

Thank you so much for joining me today.  Hope you enjoyed!
Hugs, jb

Friday, September 7, 2018

Non-Colorers Unite!

Good morning.  For all of you who hate to color stamped images, but sure to check out today's tip.  
Before we go there though, I would like to share some adorable cards I just got in the mail. 

The first two come from Kayte W.  I'm sure we have all see the adorable box card before, but wonder where one would write a note or letter.  Look at the ingenious way Kayte made more writing area!

This is how the card looks before unfolding:

Here it is unfolded:

And here it is opened - she attached it to a card base that allows a lot of writing area.  I would say Kayte is thinking "outside the box", if you will pardon the pun.

Kayte's second card is a technique I have not seen before as it pulls out from both directions.

Pulled out in both directions:

And of course the card base opens for writing.....

The next two cards come from Barbara R.  
Check out the great folds and how she adds extra area for writing:
Closed card.....

Opened card.....

And you are asking, so where do you write your message?  Keep looking - she attached that entire piece to a card base that opens up.....

And the last card for today:

I love the fold and all the writing area.
Thanks to both Kayte and Barbara for sharing these cards.

And now for the tip of the day: This is for all of us who do not enjoy coloring our stamped images.  I make my own stamp that colors the image.  Let me explain.  
Here are some stamps I just bought.  Love them but I need color!


I stamped my image on a piece of PLUMBER'S WASHER rubber. (See below for info on PLUMBER'S WASHER material)
Using a regular pair of scissors, I cut just inside the black lines so the cut out image is slightly smaller than the stamped image.
I now have a two stamps, one for the outline, one for the 
colored insides.  

I did the same for all these stamps.  I get such a kick doing this and not having to use markers or watercolor pencils or whatever to add color.  Hope you have fun with this technique.  Email me with questions in case I was not clear in my instructions.

PLUMBER'S WASHER rubber looks like this:
It is a 6" x 6" sheet of rubber that I bought at my nearby big outlet hardware type store.  It cost less that $5.00 and is in the plumbing department.  It cuts quite easily with my craft scissors.  After cutting it into the shape I want, I adhere it to my acrylic block or stamping tool with double sided tape (straight from the ATG).  Tons of possibilities!  Let me know what ideas you come up with.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Hugs, Jill

Saturday, August 4, 2018

SAS4K Blog Hop Winners

Good morning - and now for the news I know all of you have been waiting for:  the winners from my post for the July SAS4K Blog Hop.

The actual SAS4K sponsored winner is :  JENNIFER KUBO.  Congratulations, Jennifer!  You now need to contact Karen at BEFORE August 18th at midnight CST with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS AND MAILING ADDRESS. If you do not contact Karen before August 18th at midnight CST, your prize will be forfeited.

The winner that I randomly drew is :  Gail - no last name left.  She commented July 21, at 8.55 am.  Please contact me, Gail - and I will compare the picture on your email with the one on the blog.     Please contact me before Aug. 18.  Thanks and congratulations!

Please visit the SAS4K blog page to see a full list of winners.
Good luck to the rest of you.  You still have many chances to win on the other posts.  I do hope you enjoyed this hop.  I know I did.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great day.  Hugs, Jill

Saturday, July 21, 2018

SAS4K Blog Hop - Christmas in July

Good morning - I have been invited to be part of a blog hop.  This is a first for me, so I hope I do things right.  This hop gives you a chance to see creations made by 17 different card makers.  It is full of fun ideas and awesome cards.  Hope you enjoy.  Here is some general info and the "rules" of the event.  Please participate as you can win some great prizes, just by leaving comments.  The prizes are listed on the SAS4K blog.  Read on...

Welcome to a huge blog hop and celebration of Send A Smile 4 Kids’ 175th Challenge! The theme of this blog hop is Christmas in July 4 Kids because it is never too early to start making holiday cards for all the kids in the many children’s hospitals we now serve. We would love for each child to receive a holiday card as well as be able to pick some for special medical staff or loved ones they are missing during the holiday season. There are 17 stops in the blog hop and at each stop you have one or two chances at winning just by leaving a comment. You can also earn a chance to win a prize by commenting on the blog post on our SAS4Kids blog and also by entering the Christmas in July challenge which starts July 21st and runs through August 3rd at noon. Here are the rules for this blog hop: **You do not need to comment on every stop of the blog hop to have a chance to win a prize. One comment on any of the blogs or on the main SAS4Kids blogpost qualifies you to win one of the prizes on that blog. If you leave a comment on each stop, you will have earned 16 chances to win a prize, and if you enter a card in the Christmas in July 4 Kids challenge, you will also earn a chance to win one of 8 random prizes there. **You MUST have an USA mailing address to qualify to win any of the prizes. We apologize to any of our readers outside of the USA, but this is a requirement to win any of the prizes in this blog hop and in the Christmas in July challenge. **The blog hop will start July 21st at 8:00 a.m. CST and continue until July 31st at midnight CST. When the blog hop is done, all the winners will be drawn randomly from the commenters on each blog and on the main blog, and announced on the SAS4Kids blog on August 4th and on each individual blog. If your name is listed as a winner, you must contact Karen at BEFORE August 18th at midnight CST with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS AND MAILING ADDRESS. If you do not contact Karen before August 18th at midnight CST, your prize will be forfeited. **The Christmas in July 4 Kids challenge at SAS4Kids will run from July 21st until August 3rd at Noon CST (as is typical of our two week challenges.) You can qualify for one of 8 prizes by entering a Christmas or holiday card appropriate for a child following the rules of all of our challenges found in the page above. The prizes will be awarded by random drawing and announced with the rest of the winners on August 4th on our blog. Thank you so much for supporting Send a Smile 4 Kids and our wonderful sponsors of this blog hop. Good luck in the drawings! Leave a comment here and hop for more chances at many prizes. Here is the link to the beginning of the blog:         SAS4Kids Blog (six prizes awarded here)     
And back to me - now that you know the rules for winning prizes, check out my cards:
I try to make cards for all ages since the patients range in age from young to 21.  And since they are allowed to send these cards to whomever they want, I'm sure some go to adults.

Just some fun cards - hope you enjoyed and maybe were inspired.  
In addition to the prize you might win from SAS4K, I am offering a prize to one of the readers who posts a comment on this blog.  A random drawing will determine the winner.

Tip of the Day:
I know I say this a lot, but it bears repeating...glitter and sprays and things that rub off and get onto other cards are frowned upon.  Keeping this in mind, I was at my local craft store yesterday and found some really cute bats I wanted to use on my cards.  But, they were the glittery kind that does indeed rub off on everything.  I stopped by the dollar store near me and bought a $1.00 bottle of clear fingernail polish.  When I got home, I applied a coat of clear polish to the top of each bat and when it dried, no more glitter problem!  It is still shiny but nothing rubs off.  

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hugs, Jill

The next stop on this blog is:
Cyndi Amaya
Be sure to stop by Cyndi's blog and see more great creations.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Nurse Appreciation Cards Follow-Up

This morning I delivered 275 hand created Thank You cards to Texas Children's Hospital.  They were delighted!  A huge Thank You back to all the card makers who helped make this deliver a reality.  It was hard for me to pick only one card from each donor to showcase here because there were so many awesome cards! So many styles, techniques, designs......see for yourself!

Connie M. 

  Carole G. Brenda Z.

  Inside Barbara R.  Barbara R.

  Donna L.

  Donna G.

Inside Jane L.

Jane L.

  Kate D.            Lenora S.

  Penny W.            Rita M.

  Ruby H.  Robin H.

  Sandy J                      Ginny B.

  Garlene P.

  Kayte W.

It is my greatest fear that I forgot to acknowledge someone or got the wrong name on a card.  If I did either, please let me know so that I can fix my mistake.  I may be creative, but I am not necessarily organized at times.  I just do my best and hope for the best.

Having just sorted though all these wonderful Thank You cards and so many more, I find this worth repeating.....It would help me if you would not tuck the card inside the envelop.  Just open the card and place the envelop inside.  Some of you place your envelopes at the end of the box and that works well also.  Here is a red card opened, with the envelop placed inside.

Card closed, envelop placed inside all ready to be boxed.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.  
Hugs, Jill